Here The way how to Download Configuration from OLT ZTE via FTP. Why we need to download this file. Because sometime there is unwanted condition like The all configuration in OLT is lost. so we need to backup configuration,, So this is the way how to do it : upload cfg file-name-in-olt-shown destfilename file-name-that-we-want-to-name-it ftp […]


There is some part of configurations that should be prepared before we configuring ont at the first time in OLT Huawei. First we have to configure traffic table for service-port. it is like gemport profile in OLT ZTE Here is the configuration : OL01#config OL01(config)#traffic table ip index 100 name TEST cir off priority 0 […]

GPON – Basic Command OLT Huawei – Part 2

Here some additional command for OLT Huawei : HOW TO CHECK MAC-ADDRESS PER-SLOT : OL01#display mac-address board 0/6 HOW TO CHECK TRAFFIC PER-GEMPORT : OL01#display gemport traffic 0/6/0 9 gemindex 1 OL01# —————————————————————- Gemport Traffic Information —————————————————————- Up traffic (kbps) : 0 Down traffic (kbps) : 0 —————————————————————- OL01#display gemport traffic 0/6/0 9 gemindex 2 […]

Clear Config Error at OLT ZTE – Troubleshooting part 1

Yesterday, I have some job to clear configuration at one port OLT. because some physical migration activities. but after I cleared some ports, there is some execution failed Here the errors : OL01(config)#sho gpon onu sta gpon-olt_1/5/14 OnuIndex Admin State OMCC State O7 State Phase State —————————————————————————- gpon-onu_1/5/14:1 enable disable unknown LOS gpon-onu_1/5/14:2 enable disable […]